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Ep 17: Fun Q&A: What is it like working with Coach Betty ft. Jessie Lau

November 13, 2022 Betty Xie Episode 17
Everyday Talent Podcast
Ep 17: Fun Q&A: What is it like working with Coach Betty ft. Jessie Lau
Show Notes

Since I started coaching, I get lots of people asking me what is coaching? Why are you specifically coaching creatives? What happens during a coaching call? 

So I thought - I really should have an FAQ up! But instead of me sitting here and talking about coaching, I thought it would be fun to invite someone who knows me so well to come on the show and take over the interviewer seat. On today’s episode, I invited my dear friend Jessie Lau, who’s also a creative, to do a fun and pointed Q & A with me about what is it like to work with a coach, and what it is like to work with yours truly. Nothing is off limit, and oh yes, we threw in a couple fun stories there for you. 

Key Highlight: 

  • What are the differences between coaching, therapy and consulting?
  • Misconceptions about coaching 
  • What happens in discovery calls? 
  • What happens during a coaching call?
  • Coaching structures and framework 

About the Guest: Jessie Lau 

Jessie Lau likes being around creatives and supporting them. She has been a photographer and assistant to artists and small businesses. Now she has an unrelated full-time job and takes photos when her friends need them. She currently hosts a podcast “I am Thinking About You” where she catches up with her friends.

Listen to Jessie’s Podcast:  https://shows.acast.com/i-am-thinking-about-you

Connect with Jessie: @thejessielau

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