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Ep 12. find yourself in your creative ritual with Helen Kong from Secret Teatime

September 04, 2022 Betty Xie Episode 12
Everyday Talent Podcast
Ep 12. find yourself in your creative ritual with Helen Kong from Secret Teatime
Show Notes

Our creative rituals are a powerful grounding force in our life. Not only does it inspire us to create, but it also helps us connect with others and the world around us in a way that's both nourishing and healing. And Helen's work is all about bringing those two things together—creating spaces that bring people together through the art of pottery, and using tea as a way to connect with one's self and break away from the hustle of everyday life. And today, on this special episode recorded onsite at Secret Teatime, Helen will be joining to share her journey of her creative practice. 

Key highlights of this episode 

  • How Helen started Secret Teatime and explored her passion of making tea and pottery 
  • Helen’s journey of finding a sense of belonging in her creative rituals
  • How making tea helped ground her through burnouts 
  • Helen’s take on the socially constructed hierarchy of high and low art 

Helen Kong is the owner of Secret Teatime, a clay maker space hidden in Scarborough, Toronto. She specializes in making teawares for Japanese and Chinese Tea. She is also an ongoing student/practitioner of Chado (The Japanese Way of Tea). The way of tea is her guide in life and in her creative practice.  Tea has been the source of inspiration and sense of grounding during times of life/creative burnout. Her practice is a lifelong journey of learning and development. Currently, Helen is stepping into a new role in organizing collaborative group projects and creating multisensory tea experiences in hopes to mutually promote and support local makers and small businesses.

Find Helen at Secret Teatime



If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, consider attending Ichigo-Ichie at Nuit Blanche on Oct 1, 2022, a collaborative tea event curated by Helen.

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