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Ep 9. setting up structures for your creative joy with Lindsay Zier-Vogel

July 24, 2022 Betty Xie Episode 9
Everyday Talent Podcast
Ep 9. setting up structures for your creative joy with Lindsay Zier-Vogel
Show Notes

You probably have way too many creative ideas competing for your time and attention. And in the midst of all the chaos and stress of daily life, it's so easy to lose sight of what drives you in the first place. So, how do you strike a balance between your professional and personal life? And what do you need to sustain your passion and joy in your creative practice? Join me in this conversation as Lindsay shares with us her creative process as a writer and how she manages her multifaceted career, family, and personal life all at the same time. 

Key highlights of this episode 

  • Lindsay shares her story about how she started her writing journey and how she developed her identity as writer without needing to practice her craft everyday 
  • Lindsay tells her insights on how you can sustain the momentum over a long period of time in your creative practice
  • Lindsay’s jar-method approach in writing - a must-have method in your toolbox!
  • Lindsay’s passion for grant-writing and her honest thoughts how to manage uncertainties in a creative career

Key Takeaway: 

  • There are no rules in “how one should be” as a writer or as a creative person in general. You have the freedom to create your own rules. 
  • Everybody's creative process is unique, and finding a structure that works for you will enable you to create freely and joyfully 

Lindsay Zier-Vogel, is a Toronto-based author, grant writer, educator and love
letterer. She is the author of the acclaimed debut novel Letters to Amelia and her first picture book will be out in Spring 2023. After studying dance at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, she received her BA in English and then her Masters in English and Creative Writing from the University of Toronto. Her work has been published widely in Canada and the UK and her hand-bound books are housed in the permanent collection at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. In addition to leading ongoing creative writing workshops with adults and youth through the Toronto Public Library, she is also a professor in Humber College's Professional Writing post-graduate program.

You can buy Letters to Amelia at Book*hug Press or all other major book outlets. 

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