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Ep. 5. Client Spotlight: Creative Living beyond Perfectionism with Vanessa Lee

May 29, 2022 Betty Xie Episode 5
Everyday Talent Podcast
Ep. 5. Client Spotlight: Creative Living beyond Perfectionism with Vanessa Lee
Show Notes

Seeking perfection is something that a lot of creatives do and struggle with. But chasing perfectionism often causes us to be afraid of trying and failing, keeping us in our comfort zones. In this episode, I chat with Vanessa Lee, a former client of mine, about her experience of going through my 1:1 coaching program and how it helped her overcome perfectionism, develop a healthy relationship with her self-critic, and work with her money mindset. 

Key highlights of this episode 

  • Vanessa shares challenges she faced last year as she navigated a job transition
  • How she overcame perfectionism and developed a healthy relationship with her self-critic 
  • How she deal with scarcity mindset and improved her relationship with money 
  • Changes in Vanessa’s creative career and life after coaching
  • Vanessa talks about her insights on creative rest 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Self-critic is a part of us, but it doesn’t speak any truth to our ability as creatives. We can learn to build a distance to our self-critic’s voice. 
  • Creativity is like a muscle. It's not something we can overwork and use all the time, but it is something we can build. It's something that also needs rest. 

Naturally curious about all things visual, design, and the process of creating anything and everything, Vanessa always knew she would walk the path that encompassed all that. Recently making the transition from graphic design, Vanessa is now taking strides in user interface design in her current role as Designer at Accenture Interactive in Toronto, Canada. 

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