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How to make a risky move in your career and tell your family

April 18, 2022 Betty Xie Episode 2
Everyday Talent Podcast
How to make a risky move in your career and tell your family
Show Notes

When we are making a risky move in our career, we tend to get anxious about telling our family out of the fear that they would disprove or judge us. In this episode, I spilled the tea on how I told my mom about moving on from my full-time job recently, and how did I actually take the steps to assess whether that big move was right for me at this stage in my creative career.

Key highlights of this episode

  • My story on quitting her full-time job to run her business full time & how I told my mom about it
  • How to take a “big risk” in your career by doing the inner work in order to help you feel safe when taking this risk
  • How we can move on from seeking approval from our family and make aligned career decisions

Key Takeaways:

  • Telling our family about your career move often feels hard because we want to look for validation from them, so it’s crucial that we validate ourselves first
  • When it comes to risk-taking, it’s not about taking reckless risks or avoiding risks altogether, but it’s about managing a portfolio of decisions, where some of which will feel risky but it will ultimately push you out of your comfort zone and create new possibilities

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